John de Gruchy: Christian humanist and woodworker

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Everyone from my grandchildren to my wife is nagging me to start blogging.  I have succumbed but I really do not know what I am doing so anyone who reads this will have to be patient as I learn the art.  But I just wanted you to know that I will soon be up and running with bits and pieces that may be of interest.  I have headed this Christian humanist and woodworker just in case the theologian bit in my title puts you off.  Why Christian humanist, then?  Well I am a Christian but I don’t like the media image and long ago became disenchanted with fundamentalism of all kinds.  So I wrote a book to tell my story.  It was called Being Human: Confessions of a Christian Humanist (2006) and lots of people said they liked what I had to say because it resonated with their own experience.  But what about the woodworker bit?  Well I am passionate about turning wood in bowls and making furniture for friends and family.  You can read about that too in my recent book Sawdust and Soul (2014) which is a conversation with my friend Bill Everett about spirituality and working with wood.  So if you would like more of my musings tell me or else I will quietly withdraw from blogging and take up croquet..

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